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Bozo: the World’€™s Most Famous Clown, volume 1

Bozo: the World’s Most Famous Clown, volume 1 starring Frank Avruch

buy-from-amazonBozo the World's Most Famous Clown - DVD - volume 1 Bozo : the World’s Most Famous Clown is a 4-disc DVD collection of the live action Bozo the Clown show taped in Boston, starring Frank Avruch as Bozo, as well as fellow cast members Mr. Lion and Kookie Kangaroo (played by Carol Spinney, later known as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch), Professor Tweedy Foofer, and others.

For myself, and many others, Bob Bell was the one and only Bozo the Clown that we grew up with, courtesy of WGN-TV in Chicago.  Having said that, don’t sell Frank Avruch’s portrayal of Bozo the Clown short. He does a very good job, and it’s well worth watching on two counts. First, it’s highly entertaining and keeps my children entertained for hours – even the thirteen-year-old who’s “€œtoo old” for such things.  Secondly, it’s a visual encyclopedia of clown skits and routines that professional clowns could do well to learn from.


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