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Biography of Pinto Colvig – the original Bozo the Clown

color picture of Pinto Colvig as the original Bozo the Clown
Pinto Colvig – September 11, 1892 – October 3, 1967 What do Bozo the Clown, Walt Disney’s Goofy and Popeye’s nemesis Bluto have in common?  The answer is Pinto Colvig.  “Who?” you ask.  Pinto Colvig is possibly the most popular celebrity whose name you’ve never heard.
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Bob Bell, WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown

Bob Bell as WGN-TV's Bozo the clown on the cover of the Chicago Tribune
Bob Bell (January 18,1922 – December 8, 1997), WGN-TV€™s “Bozo the Clown, the world’s most famous clown” (Editor’s note: for fans of Bob Bell,  WGN-TV will be showing Special: Bozo, Gar & Ray: WGN TV Classics, on November 24th at 11:00 a.m. Central time, and on Christmas Eve at...
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The unusual history of Bozo the Clown

Bozo the World's Most Famous Clown - DVD - volume 1
The Unusual History of Bozo the Clown – attempting to unravel who did what when in the creation of “Bozo, the World’s Most Famous Clown” (Editor’s note: for fans of Bob Bell’s rendition of Bozo the Clown, WGN-TV will be showing Special: Bozo, Gar & Ray: WGN TV Classics, on...
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Biography of Larry Harmon

The Man Behind the Nose - Larry Harmon's autobiography
Biography of Larry Harmon (January 2, 1925 – July 3, 2008) better known as Bozo the Clown Born as Lawrence Weiss, he was better known to the world as Larry Harmon, the man who purchased the licensing rights to Bozo the Clown from Capitol Records, and turned Bozo into an...
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